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Student ID:1000113270
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Student City, AL 12345

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Student City, AL 12345

Reading:Complete ACT 22
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Academic Program History
02/12/2012:Active in Program
02/12/2016:Completed Program
Degrees Awarded
Confer Date:2016-12-17
Beginning of Undergraduate Program
2010 Spr
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ENGL 1301 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
HIST 1311 HISTORY OF U.S. 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
MATH 1302 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
PSYC 1315 INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY 3.000 3.000 C 6.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
2010 Fall
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ACCT 2301 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING I 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
POLS 2311 GOVT OF U.S. 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 30.000 30.000 30.000 90.000
2011 Spr
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ACCT 2302 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING II 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
ENGL 2303 TOPICS IN LITERATURE 3.000 3.000 C 6.000
CSE 1301 COMPUTER LITERACY 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
GEOL 1425 EARTH SYSTEMS 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
HIST 1312 U.S. HISTORY SINCE 1865 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 45.000 45.000 45.000 135.000
2011 Fall
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ADVT 2337 INTRO TO ADVERTISING 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
GEOL 1426 EARTH HISTORY 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
POLS 2312 STATE & LOCAL GOVT 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
THEA 1342 THEATRE & FILM APPRECIATION 3.000 3.000 C 6.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 60.000 60.000 60.000 180.000
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What's Your Reason For Needing Fake Canada Transcripts?

Answering this question honestly is crucial as it will help determine whether your use of the transcript is legitimate or fraudulent. Some individuals seek a replacement Canadian college transcript to hide a patchy academic record.

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It’s worth mentioning that those with advanced degrees and experience aren’t always preferred over those without such qualifications. You might possess skills that give you an edge over others with more academic experience. Hence, the risk of losing your position—or your job in Canada— is not worth it.

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What's Your Reason for Needing Fake Canada Transcripts?

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By this point, you might be curious about how to generate a replacement school transcript. Thanks to ValidGrad, you can create a transcript quickly and easily. The Canada Transcript Maker from ValidGrad is as simple as entering the required information.

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