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Student City, AL 12345

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Reading:Complete ACT 20
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Degrees Awarded
Confer Date:2016-12-17
Beginning of Undergraduate Program
2010 Spr
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ENGL 1301 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
HIST 1311 HISTORY OF U.S. 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
MATH 1302 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
PSYC 1315 INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
2010 Fall
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ACCT 2301 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING I 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
POLS 2311 GOVT OF U.S. 3.000 3.000 C 6.000
SOCI 1301 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 30.000 30.000 30.000 90.000
2011 Spr
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ENGL 2303 TOPICS IN LITERATURE 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
CSE 1301 COMPUTER LITERACY 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
GEOL 1425 EARTH SYSTEMS 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
HIST 1312 U.S. HISTORY SINCE 1865 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 45.000 45.000 45.000 135.000
2011 Fall
Course   Description Attempted Earned Grade Points Edit
ADVT 2337 INTRO TO ADVERTISING 3.000 3.000 A 12.000
GEOL 1426 EARTH HISTORY 3.000 3.000 C 6.000
POLS 2312 STATE & LOCAL GOVT 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
THEA 1342 THEATRE & FILM APPRECIATION 3.000 3.000 B 9.000
      Attempted Earned GPA Units Points  
Term GPA   3.000 Term Totals 15.000 15.000 15.000 45.000
Cum GPA   3.000 Cum Totals 60.000 60.000 60.000 180.000
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College transcripts are official certified copies of your enduring academic records. These documents encapsulate your educational journey, including your grades, completed courses, and graduation status. They may also include additional details such as possible academic probation, code violations, and accolades tied to your school performance.

Your transcripts can unlock numerous opportunities, both academically and professionally, depending on your academic prowess. In some cases, if you’re looking to transfer credits between schools, your transcripts can facilitate this process successfully.

Many students from Canada find the process of obtaining their transcripts from school administration offices complex and confusing. Thankfully, numerous online platforms offer a reliable Canadian college transcript maker to simplify this procedure.

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Why You Should Use a Canada College Transcript Maker?

Dealing with your college admissions office in Canada can be a stressful and lengthy process. This method may require several forms to be filled out, including proof of enrollment, and can be quite costly. Additionally, even after providing all the required documentation, it can take weeks for your transcripts to arrive. Instead of going through this tedious process, consider using a reliable online Canadian college transcript maker.

Online vendors like ValidGrad offer customization options that your admissions office can’t provide while maintaining the semblance of authentic and official copies. Online transcript makers can reproduce the front and back of your original transcripts with any modifications at the customer’s discretion. In some cases, it’s hard to spot the difference between official copies and fake Canada transcripts generated by a reliable online transcript maker. These vendors typically offer multiple template options to give customers the best chance of replicating their official school transcripts. Even though these transcripts aren’t perfect replicas of official school transcripts, they can include school logos and watermarks. Online vendors also offer a broad range of seal types, stamps, and signature options for your replicas.

With a fake Canada Transcripts Maker, you can select the courses included in the transcripts. Most vendors categorize the courses by specific majors, but you can occasionally request custom courses if the pre-selected ones don’t meet your needs. You can also choose your GPA, whether it’s your actual GPA or an exaggerated version. Additionally, your fake Canada transcript copies will include your preferred graduation date.

Limitations of Even the Best Canadian College Transcript Makers

It’s important to note that any Canadian transcripts obtained from an online source will not be recognized as official copies. This is because there are inherent differences between replicas and official transcripts, primarily due to legal considerations. Canadian colleges can prosecute both online vendors and customers for fraud and forgery if they use counterfeit documents.

One notable difference will be the signatures of school officials from Canada. Online vendors are prohibited from replicating these signatures, which means the signature on your replica transcript will differ from the one on official copies, even though the administrator’s name can be included.

As mentioned earlier, replica transcripts aren’t considered official copies and should not be used as such for applications to schools or jobs in Canada. Most vendors will have a legal disclaimer warning customers against using these replicas for official purposes. However, how customers choose to use their transcripts is ultimately up to them. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks associated with using replica documents in situations where doing so could lead to accusations of fraud.

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How to Find and Use a Reliable College Transcript Maker

With numerous options available for creating transcripts online, you might feel overwhelmed. provides a user-friendly fake Canada Transcripts Maker tool that simplifies the process. You’ll begin by selecting the Canadian transcript template you need, followed by your degree type, major, and grade average. After these selections, you’ll input your college and personal information, along with your preferred seal and signature style. Finally, you’ll provide your shipping details and choose between standard or expedited shipping. If you encounter any problems or have questions during the process, our support team is ready to assist. We’re committed to guiding you through any issues and ensuring your order meets your expectations.